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Divorce Mediation

Many couples believe they can work out their divorce themselves, without any attorneys. Others have a general belief that they don’t want to make matters worse with a battle, but they need some direction. Facilitative mediation is a way to make sure all the important issues are addressed in a way that minimizes conflict now and improve communication in the future – especially important for couples with children.

Divorce 101

Divorce 101 is for people who want to get a divorce or legal separation but don’t know where to start.  Rebecca will sit down with one or both spouses to explain the divorce process step-by-step.

Low Conflict Divorce

You and your spouse have agreed to divorce, and you’ve agreed that you want it to be amicable. If the Collaborative divorce process is not right for you, we can still help you resolve the divorce respectfully. Perhaps only one spouse wants to hire an attorney, or maybe both choose lawyers who are committed to reasonable settlement. Low-Conflict Divorce can be a good option for couples, especially those who have less complicated financial situations and who have no domestic violence or addiction concerns.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a process that “opts out” of the courtroom but gives each party the security of having his or her own attorney. All issues are resolved through negotiation. It is a more holistic approach that may use divorce coaches to help spouses communicate better and deal with the emotional side of divorce. Other neutral professionals like a child specialist or a financial advisor can help to provide information needed for the spouses to make good decisions for themselves.

Limited Scope Divorce Services

Nobody should get divorced without sitting down with a family lawyer at least once to learn about the law. The choice to save money here can be very costly down the road. We offer limited-scope representation and consultations to help keep you on the right track if you choose to represent yourself in a divorce.

Guardian ad Litem

Other services include prenuptial or marital property agreements, guardian ad litem services for children, stepparent adoptions, and limited children’s guardianship matters. Please contact us for more information.

Get in Touch

Please call or email to set up a meeting, or click on the link to your right. Both spouses need to be present for initial consultations for mediation. Consultations available in Baraboo and Madison.

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