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Limited Scope Divorce Services

Limited Scope Divorce Services

Nobody should get divorced without sitting down with a family lawyer at least once to learn about the law.  The choice to save money here can be very costly down the road.  We offer limited-scope representation and consultations to help keep you on the right track if you choose to represent yourself in a divorce.

A “pro se” divorce is when one or both spouses choose not to hire attorneys to represent them formally in court, but they choose to work “for themselves” (“pro se”).  Unless you both are family lawyers, however, there is a good chance that something important could be overlooked in your settlement, or that a settlement that sounds good on paper might be unfair in practice.  You might even agree to something not allowed under Wisconsin law!  The solution?  Hire Driftless Mediation and Family Law LLC to handle those parts of the divorce that you cannot handle yourself.  Services include:

  • Consultations:  Explaining Wisconsin law and providing you with an understanding of the range of possible outcomes in your situation.
  • Drafting:  Assisting with the court paperwork in family law matters such as divorce, paternity, child support, etc.
  • Settlement Review:  Reviewing settlement proposals that you have reached on your own or through mediation (other than through Driftless Mediation and Family Law LLC).

Please note:

  • We do not practice divorce litigation.  This means that unless you are in the Collaborative Divorce process, we will not come with you to court and represent you there.  If after a consultation you believe that you need formal representation and yours is not a Collaborative Divorce, we will provide you with referrals for attorneys who do litigate family law matters.
  • If we do mediation for your case, we are unable to represent either side later on in the same family law matter.

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Please call or email to set up a meeting, or click on the link to your right. Both spouses need to be present for initial consultations for mediation. Consultations available in Baraboo and Madison.

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