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Divorce 101

Divorce 101

Divorce 101 is for people who want to get a divorce or legal separation but don’t know where to start.  Rebecca will sit down with one or both spouses to explain the divorce process step-by-step. She can provide you with the forms you need and instructions on how to use them.  Rebecca will walk you through the divorce process, provide you with legal information on the laws that apply, and talk to you about your options for the divorce process.  You will leave the meeting with forms, checklists, and packets of information about the laws that apply to your situation.

Divorce 101 can be either a one-time meeting or the first step in the mediation process.  However, if you are considering mediation, be sure both spouses attend Divorce 101 together.

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Please call or email to set up a meeting, or click on the link to your right. Both spouses need to be present for initial consultations for mediation. Consultations available in Baraboo and Madison.

Phone: (608) 963-4858